Package Design Evaluation

The Tobii Pro Insight Package Design Evaluation offering (PDE) provides a fast, affordable way to determine how consumers interact with your package concepts in the early stages of product testing, revealing effective and ineffective elements of your designs. Our dedicated research team will design, build, and execute your eye tracking study for you, so you know you're getting the key insights you need to ensure your brand's success.


We collect real attention data from consumers through web panels using advanced, webcam eye tracking technology. This allows our team to field, process, and analyze data more quickly than traditional in-person studies.

Real, Implicit Research

Unlike predictive or survey-based tools, our team analyzes implicit eye tracking data, product selection, and survey data to accurately determine how designs are being perceived.


Being able to field studies online allows us to easily access participants all over the world.


We offer a more affordable way to conduct early stage package and shelf studies compared to traditional in-person studies.

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Our cloud-based attention research tool allows us to run fast, large-scale, and demographic-specific studies using webcam eye tracking technology. Participants view stimuli at home on their own computers, allowing us to carry out studies in multiple countries simultaneously and rapidly provide information on how your package is performing on a global scale.

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You will receive a detailed report outlining what elements of your design captured the most attention, what aspects went unnoticed, the effectiveness of branding and messaging, how well the design stands out on the shelf, and more. The report will conclude which of your designs will perform best on the shelf compared with your competition and/or other design variations. We will pinpoint possible areas for change that can optimize the product's visibility, design, and more effectively highlight important features. 


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