How to upgrade the firmware on a Tobii Pro X2 eye tracker?

To do a firmware upgrade:

  1. Make sure the Eye Tracker Browser 3.0.83 (or later version) is installed. Installation files can be found on the provided Tobii Pro X2 eye tracker USB Stick or from the download section.
  2. Connect the eye tracker.
  3. Start the Eye Tracker Browser.
  4. Click the Upgrade button and browse to the folder in which you have stored the latest firmware file, downloaded from our download page. 
  5. Select the upgrade file with the file extension.tobiipkg and click OK.
  6. It will take approximately 60 seconds to update the firmware.
  7. Your Tobii Pro X2 will restart after the process is completed.

It is not possible to upgrade the firmware of a Tobii Pro X2 eye tracker in Tobii Pro Studio 3.2.1 and earlier versions.