eye tracking in industry 4.0

Tools to deal with the shift to Industry 4.0

How eye tracking is helping businesses adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Business Operations

As industries worldwide power towards the 4th Industrial Revolution many are left scrambling to keep up with its demands and the increasing pressure to retrain and upskill workers while still maintaining quality and productivity.

With the entire economy of many nations underpinned by manufacturing, inaction is not an option - adapt or perish. Understanding how workers perform tasks and interact with their work environment is essential to providing effective instructions and training as millions of workers worldwide see their entire roles rewritten.

Underhållsmässan, Europe’s premier maintenance trade fair and conference, brings together some of the main players in manufacturing. In 2018 Tobii Pro and DynaMate, a LEAN business consultancy, have partnered to explore how eye tracking can be used as a key tool in streamlining processes and identifying waste.

Tobii Pro Insight research expert Martin Arvidsson, PhD, is making a presentation at the show together with DynaMate titled: “LEAN and eye tracking: How to succeed in Industry 4.0.” We sat down with Martin to get his take on how eye tracking can help bridge the skills gap and improve processes within a range of sectors.