Content Engagement

We are confronted today with an overabundance of messages competing for our attention, and we’re only able to take so much in.  Tobii Pro Insight measures human behavior in real contexts – where people actually meet content, surrounded by the distractions of their everyday lives. Eye tracking provides objective information about what captures people’s attention, what they ignore, and what they choose to do instead of engaging with your content. 


Find out which screen and in what context your audience consumes and responds to the most.


Determine if you are reaching your intended demographic and know which audiences to optimize for.


Know how to attract more attention than competitor content does, and what type of content engages people the most.


Reveal the most effective environments for your content performance by tracking engagement in the home, while commuting, at work, and on the go.


Learn what times are best to break through busy lifestyles and distracting environments for maximum attention.


Discover triggers for engagement, gathered from contextual behavioral data during viewing.

Collecting behavioral data in real-world environments

Our methodology allows us to conduct research in different real-world environments in order to measure how people interact with information and on multiple screens – in the home, office, and on the go.

Watch this video to learn more about how our eye tracking research can be used to help your business.

How to earn TV-viewer's attention

The nature of TV consumption is changing, and with it, how consumers engage with ad content. But the truth is, television remains an effective advertising medium. Our research team, Tobii Pro Insight, conducted an eye tracking study examining the natural viewing behavior of people in 150 homes across 7 U.S. cities. This report delivers accurate and unbiased insights that will help you get the most out of your television ads.

Expect actionable insights on:

  • What design attributes and content types that draw, and hold, attention
  • The most effective timeslot positioning

"Tobii Pro Insight's eye tracking research helped us answer important business questions about the effectiveness of digital advertising signage"

Kristina Norman, Head of Analytics, Clear Channel


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