Improving package design and product placement – Unilever

Unilever – a global FMCG company with more than a thousand brands under its belt is using eye tracking to understand what attracts consumer attention in store. By seeing where shoppers look and what package design elements or shelf positions are most effective, the company can influence the purchase decision process, achieve a competitive advantage, and improve ROI.

"What do my products look like on a shelf to the consumer? To answer this question, we use a lot of eye tracking. It gives you the right insight to adjust your package design or to convince your customers. Eye tracking is part of our DNA."

Jeroen van der Kallen, Customer Insight and Innovation Manager Europe, Unilever

Unilever products are used by more than 2.5-billion people worldwide, but amid relentless brand competition, it's essential to constantly evaluate product packaging, design, and placement.

The global company partnered with Tobii Pro Insight and now applies eye tracking as a research method to conduct shopper studies at its Customer Insight and Innovation Center. Attention data is collected with wearable eye trackers and allows Unilever to see exactly what customers are looking at while shopping. The value of eye tracking lies in its ability to capture the natural and subconscious behaviors of shoppers which can be impossible to gather from traditional shopper studies and market research methods.

This information helps determine what design and information features resonate most with shoppers on both Unilever's and competitors' products, allowing the company to optimize brand awareness and brand perception.


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