Application Market for Tobii Pro Eye Trackers

Here you can share, download and find information about the tested and available software applications that function together with Tobii Pro eye trackers. If you find some applications, or if you have built some applications yourself and do not mind the extra publicity, please let us know. We are fascinated by the creativity of other people's applications and ideas.

Data Analysis

Eye Tracking Analysis Software

Gaze Recording and Analysis

Human Computer Interaction

Software Development

Tobii Pro SDK
Kit de développement logiciel gratuit pour une analyse facile et efficace des données de recherche obtenues avec les eye-trackers sur écran Tobii. Ce kit est disponible pour différentes plateformes et différents langages ... En savoir plus

Research paper reference library

Our eye trackers are used in thousands of leading research labs worldwide in a wide variety of research fields. Motivated by a desire to share knowledge and inspire, Tobii Pro has taken the initiative to continuously compile and provide easy access to a large reference library of research papers where our equipment has been used or mentioned. En savoir plus

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