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Concept7, a Netherlands-based design firm, works as a strategic partner with Tobii Pro on a regular basis to improve the online customer experience using eye tracking.

Usability testing of e-commerce

Concept7 has worked with Tobii Pro Insight Research Services on a number of studies, including research for a global consumer electronics brand whose needs stretched across the globe. This client wanted to better understand the behavior of shoppers who went online purchase a product. Our team and the design firm together conducted a range of usability research sessions across three continents with the purpose of better understanding and improving the client's e-commerce environment.

Pro Insight acted as a comprehensive service provider to assist Concept7 in meeting the client's research needs in different markets. Our research services team used their years of experience to provide the most appropriate eye tracking tools for the different tests, as well as handling the venue planning, recruitment, eye tracking testing, interviews, and card-sorting exercises. All of these tasks were accomplished using three different local languages.

By partnering with Tobii Pro, we add meaningful insights into e-commerce shopper behavior. In our partnership, we benefit from the Tobii Pro portfolio of technology, and even more important, the global reach of their eye tracking expertise.

Stefan Wobben, co-founder of Concept7
A person running a card sorting usability  test in front of a board.

Concept7 and Pro Insight designed a study focused on how consumers interact, on both laptops and mobile devices, with specific categories of products on the client's website. Subjects wore Tobii Pro Glasses 2 while using their smartphones or computers to purchase electronics. Using the live view function of Pro Glasses 2, the researchers and the client were able to follow the participants' interaction as it was happening in order to get a deeper understanding of the user experience.

Digital strategy

Through these user experience studies, Concept7's client gained a better understanding of how consumers behave and interact with their website. The findings are valuable in the development and improvement of the electronic brand's digital strategy. Eye tracking proved to be a very powerful tool to visualize how potential customers interact with the online retail space. This data also helped illustrate details the company needed to adjust in order to fully meet their users' needs.

Concept7 considers eye tracking to be a natural part of their innovative mix of methodologies offered to clients. Together, Concept7 and Tobii Pro provide a complete view of the consumer experience by performing research across different types of media in different areas of the world.

We consider Tobii Pro as our preferred eye tracking partner for global clients. Together we form a powerful combination of skills and capabilities to serve demanding clients that want to run research across regions.

Stefan Wobben, co-founder of Concept7

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