Virtual reality with eye tracking changes the landscape of market research and beyond

Leading behavioral research firm Explorer Research, uses traditional as well as neuro and other biometric tools, to uncover key information about what drives buying decisions. 

How does VR stack up against real-world testing?

VR with integrated eye tracking is a key research tool, so the company decided to put it to the test, to see if life-size VR environments replicate the experience of real-world testing.

Their study compared a pasta shelf in a supermarket aisle within a VR, real-world and online environment. They found VR and real-world environments produced similar buying behaviors, including:
- Purchases
- Purchases by brand
- Time spent shopping
- The average number of units purchased

Viewing patterns were also similar for VR and the real shelf, which confirmed the company's assertion that VR does in fact accurately replicate a real environment and solicit similar responses from consumers.

Watch our case video to learn more about how Explorer Research uses Tobii Pro VR with integrated eye tracking to conduct market research.

Virtual reality with integrated eye tracking expands the scope and flexibility of consumer testing

In market and consumer research, eye tracking is one of the most accurate and insightful tools available. It provides a window into the minds of consumers and allows you to hone in on what grabs their attention and for how long. With eye tracking you can accurately plot a consumer's path to a purchase and uncover great insight into what drives their decisions.

Virtual Reality in this situation adds another level of flexibility to your testing environment, and when used with integrated eye tracking it becomes a valuable tool for innumerable testing situations. With VR you can reface a shelf, aisle, or even and entire store at the click of a button, saving you the considerable time and expense of physically changing the environment. VR also allows you to test scenarios multiple times across a range of countries and demographics, dramatically increasing the speed and breath of your data collection.