Configuring Pro Lab to record eye movements on physical scenes and objects

Tobii Pro Lab Screen Based Eye Trackers Tobii Pro X3-120

The Scene Camera Projects allows Pro Lab to support studies where subjects observe or interact with stationary physical scenes or objects. These types of study provide a stronger immersion experience to the subjects and improve the ecological validity of the findings, than studies that use a 2D stimulus presentation on a screen (Tonkin et al. 2011 – use of physical shelves vs. images of shelfs in packaging design studies; and Woods et al. 2010 – investigating infant object representation with 3D physical stimuli). On the other hand, the setup is more complex than a standard screen based study, as it requires extra configuration steps with the eye tracker and the inclusion and configuration of an external scene camera to record the scenes and objects.

The table below summarizes a few of the factors you need to consider before deciding to use a scene camera setup.

  Screen based image or video - 2D Scene camera with physical scene - 3D Glasses with physical scene - 3D
Setup process automatic (with native or supported screen sizes) manual automatic
Accuracy higher lower higher
Precision depends on tracker depends on tracker high
% of population that can be tracked higher higher lower (does not fit on small infants heads)
Ecological validity & immersion lower higher higher