Recording participants with the Mobile Device Stand

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Learn how to make a recording with the Mobile Device Stand using Tobii Pro Lab.

Running an eye tracking test using the Mobile Device Stand with the Tobii Pro Nano, X2-30, X2-60, or X3-120 eye trackers, is in many ways similar to using the eye tracker in other setups.

Before you make a recording please verify that you have first completed the following steps:

Recording participants with Pro Lab

Recording participants with Pro Studio

Positioning the participant

To get the participants into a good eye tracking position start the Track status in Tobii Pro Studio before starting the recording. This lets you monitor the participants’ position not only when they position themselves in front of the eye tacker, but also during the test.

To start the Track Status you can:

  • Press Ctrl+T on the computer keyboard.
  • Click Track Status in the View menu of Tobii Pro Studio.

Make sure you adjust the chair and the Mobile Device Stand’s tilt angle so that the participant is positioned in an optimal position for the eye tracker (e.g. the white dots showing the position of the eyes in the track status should be in the center or upper half of the black box, and the distance indicator should indicate a distance of around 60- 65 cm). Eye tracking data quality is influenced by the participant’s position. We recommend having the participants sit on a height-adjustable office chair to enable adjustment for different participant heights and positions.

Once the participant is in place you can continue with the calibration and recording.

Calibrating and recording

When performing a participant calibration with the Mobile Device Stand use the manual calibration routine in Tobii Pro Studio. This means that the participants need to be told what calibration dot to look at throughout the calibration procedure.

To calibrate and record a participant:

  1. Mount the calibration plate on top of the tablet or use a calibration image that is displayed on tablet's display. Make sure you have set Tobii Studio to use the manual calibration routine.
  2. Click Start Recording in Tobii Studio and go through the dialogs until you come to the calibration procedure.
  3. Before starting calibration, instruct the participant to first focus on the center of the calibration plate.
  4. For each calibration point, tell the participant to look at the calibration point with the corresponding number 1–5 on the calibration plate (e.g. “Please look at number …”). Press the space bar or the left mouse button to progress to the next calibration point. Make sure you press space or the mouse button only when the participant is focusing on the relevant calibration point.
  5. Once the calibration result is satisfactory, continue the recording dialog procedure.
  6. Complete your study while the screen of the tablet and the eye movements are being recorded by Tobii Studio.
  7. Press escape or F10 to stop recording.