Tobii Pro Lab overview

Tobii Pro Lab Wearable Eye Trackers Screen Based Eye Trackers

Tobii Pro Lab offers a complete platform for performing eye tracking experiments. Combining an easy preparation for testing procedures and tools for visualization and analysis, eye tracking data is easily processed for useful comparison, interpretation, and presentation. Pro Lab also includes a synchronization solution that allows you to send out accurate shared events at the onset of every stimulus to any compatible biometric device that is being recorded simultaneously during the stimulus presentation. 

A broad range of studies are supported, from market research to psychology and ocular-motor research, with both screen-based and wearable eye trackers.

The Tobii Pro Lab workflow, along with its analysis tools, allow for both large and small studies to be carried out in a timely and cost-efficient way, without the need of coding scripts and extensive training.

To get an overview of the main features of the software, as well as the typical workflows, watch the videos below.

Scene camera based studies

Studies combining eye tracking and GSR