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Discover how eye tracking is used to understand human behavior. We explore the many applications of eye tracking as an assessment and research tool, share expert knowledge, advice and case studies.
Woman looking at a computer emotion recognition

Amplify advertising effect using facial emotion recognition

The market research expert Magnus Linde explains with an example study, why and how testing ad concepts for emotional impact can improve the success of commercials.

A woman wearing Tobii Pro Glasses 2 looks at a shelf with products.

A Newcomer’s Perspective: Eye Tracking for Packaging Research

Running your first eye tracking study is an exciting research milestone. We spoke with Nicole Fink of King’s Hawaiian in Los Angeles, CA about their first eye tracking study on consumer attention to new and existing package designs.

Online advertising research

How you can predict advertising success

A huge challenge of online advertising is getting people not just to notice your ad, but really engage with it and experience it. Purchased ad space does not mean people will see it, and it is hard to know what is truly seen and what is completely lost on the internet.

Guy looking at washing detergent

Why marketers need behavioral research and how it impacts ROI

This blog explores why understanding consumer behavior is the key to influencing it and how you can justify the need to invest in the right research.


Audience attention measurement with eye tracking

A guide on how to make your TV ads more effective

New eye tracking research lifts the lid on true audience engagement with television commercials and reveals key tactics to get your message across.

Consumer Journey research with eye tracking - Tobii Pro insight

How to own consumer attention at four critical touchpoints with eye tracking

Attention has been commodified, becoming more valuable and scarcer every day. In this post you will learn how to get inside the minds of your customers using eye tracking; enabling you to optimize products and win consumer attention.

ads effectiveness sporting events eye tracking

How eye tracking can reveal the effectiveness of advertisements at sporting events

Is the action a distraction? 

Toyota Car showroom effectiveness eye tracking

The secret to an engaging car showroom

Tobii Pro Insight conducted a study for Toyota to reveal how generational differences and the layout of a showroom influence car buyers.

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