Lund University's Eye Tracking Lab for Research & Teaching

Ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, Lund University holds a strong reputation for research and education which is underpinned by the availability of world-class resources. Since 2007, the Lund University Humanities Lab has provided eye-tracking for both research and education purposes. The lab was recently upgraded to include 17 Tobii Pro Spectrum eye trackers and three sets of Tobii Pro Glasses 2 for use across a range of faculties.

The Tobii Pro Spectrum eye trackers were selected because of their ability to deliver robust and accurate eye tracking data, which allows for the exploration of a wide range of research questions. This setup is also ideally suited for large scale data collection and teaching situations where multiple students learn in tandem. The Tobii Pro Spectrum is designed for extensive studies into human behavior and the mechanics of fast eye movements and can capture data at a high sampling frequency while allowing for natural head movement. This creates broad opportunities for those exploring psychology, linguistics, developmental studies, neuroscience, reading research, and ophthalmology.

The lab is also utilized by a wide range of students and teachers outside these disciplines, including those studying political and social sciences.

The advantage of using observational measures such as eye tracking is that you catch that which people actually do not what they say they do, and there’s a difference. There are very few facilities like this in the country so for us it’s fantastic, it’s a great opportunity