Classrooms and Labs

We see a growing interest from universities to equip entire classrooms and labs with eye tracking technology and to develop curriculum to prepare the students for work life in the research world.

Prepare your students for the future

At Tobii Pro, we meet researchers every day – both in corporations and in academic institutions.

From our corporate clients, our team hears that there is a growing demand for people who are experts in all aspects of eye tracking.

Universities have a unique opportunity to meet this growing demand by equipping students with eye tracking tools. This expands their future options by teaching them how visual attention can be analyzed and applied to many research fields.

In order to give both the university and the students a more competitive edge in the market place, we can help develop curriculums that demonstrate for students how eye tracking can be integrated as a tool to answer research questions, solve business issues, and even build businesses.

Tobii Pro played an instrumental role in implementing our vision by providing us with guidance, support, and a leading-edge package of eye trackers — all at a great value that supported our educational needs.

Soussan Djamasbi, Ph.D. Associate Professor of IT, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Eye tracking facilities

Our experts can help you equip an entire classroom or lab with the latest eye tracking technology, as well as create an eye tracking curriculum that demonstrates how eye tracking can be integrated as a tool to answer research questions. We package our eye trackers and Tobii Pro Lab licenses, along with an extensive range of knowledge resources and services.

With a lab or a classroom equipped with eye trackers, you will be in a good position to make advances for a broad range of research and prepare your students for the skills needed in their work life.

A classroom equipped with Tobii Pro eye trackers.

Hands-on learning is really effective, and the portability of Tobii Pro Nano lets me easily involve my students in the whole process of an eye tracking study from the theoretical knowledge to the practical use of this technology in their own experiments.

Poja Shams, Assistant Professor, Karlstad University, Sweden

Products and services


Tobii Pro offers hardware and software, along with training and support, for the study of education in different contexts. We have flexible solutions that enable research both in real-world environments and in lab settings.

We have created eye trackers with a range of capabilities- from easy-to-use live viewing in order to get immediate insights to more advanced solutions for the full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

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Recognizing a need for academic institutions to keep abreast of the rapidly changing business landscape and labor market needs, the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Bucharest has introduced a new course on eye tracking research methodology to their curriculum. Read more