Observe User Experience

Get more valuable insights from your user experience research with eye tracking. Understand the ‘why’ behind user behavior and learn more about how your customers perceive and interact with your product or service.

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Observe your design from your user’s perspective

Traditional user experience research methods like interviews, surveys, and observation convey helpful information but they fail to uncover deeper elements of human behavior. Eye tracking measures and records, with great accuracy, the user’s visual journey with your product or service giving you a much greater depth of insight into subconscious thoughts or usability issues which might otherwise be missed or not articulated by the user.

Recording this information allows you to discuss elements of the user’s behavior during retrospective think-aloud interviews and easily explain or validate your finding to colleagues and stakeholders. Whether it’s unboxing an appliance, browsing a website, or using a gadget, we can help you truly understand user experience.

The solution for your needs

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Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Use Tobii Pro Glasses 3 to see exactly how users interact with your product or service. This wearable eye tracker is discreet, lightweight, and easy to set up allowing you to measure and record authentic user interaction in almost any situation. This flexibility lets you conduct ethnographic research and usage studies under the most natural test conditions possible.

Shopper Research with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Eye Tracker and Live View Function

The Tobii Pro Glasses Controller

Included with this solution is the Tobii Pro Glasses Controller app. The app lets you wirelessly stop/start recordings, view them live, and log important behavioral events. The operation is so straightforward that it’s possible to have participants control their own recordings in situations where more flexibility or authentic behavior is required, such as in-home studies.

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Training and knowledge

We want to make sure you can hit the ground running which is why we provide online training with our own experts from Tobii Pro Insight, our research consultancy team. You will receive field guides to help you correctly set up your studies and integrate them into your existing research methods as well as report templates to help expedite the analysis of your findings and present them in a concise manner. We also have global customer support services and learning material to assist you throughout your research journey.  

Want to take it one step further?

If you want to take eye tracking further and get more in-depth data, look at our solution to help you optimize user experience and conversion. 

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Let us do it for you

If you don’t have the time or resources to run your own study, our research consultancy can help. Tobii Pro Insight is a full-service consultancy and can run projects for you from beginning to end. This includes study design and execution, as well as data analysis and reporting. 

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