Automotive UX research with eye tracking

Designing the ideal driving environment means understanding the person behind the wheel. Where they look, what catches their eye, and what distracts them all play a part in not only their comfort, but their safety as well. Eye tracking solutions from Tobii Pro deliver machine-generated metrics that allow you to accurately judge the impact of modifications to UX design.

"When it comes to the driver experience, our understanding of attention is the final frontier. Eye tracking is giving us the insights to boost enjoyment, create functional driving environments, and even save lives"

Kazuma Sakamoto, Automotive expert at Tobii Pro

The solutions for your needs

Do it yourself 

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Use Tobii Pro Glasses 3 to assess the gaze data of participants in a driving simulator, or out on the road. Conduct and own your study from beginning to end with full control over planning, method, and execution.

Let us do it for you

Tobii Pro Insight

Let Tobii Pro Insight assist you in constructing your eye tracking experiment. Our experts will guide you through with practical knowledge about the technology, the methods, and the data analysis.

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Customer stories

A man driving a car while wearable Tobii Pro Glasses 3 wearable eye trackers

SEAT and infotainment design

SEAT wanted to optimize their infotainment system making it safer and easier to navigate. Their eye tracking study helped them understand driver awareness with greater sensitivity, driving fresh design decisions.

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A person driving a car using Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Driving research to new heights

FKA SV help their clients improve the safety of their technology with eye tracking in their driving simulators. Hear how Tobii Pro solutions are helping them do it.

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