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Designing the ideal driving environment means understanding the person behind the wheel. Eye tracking solutions from Tobii Pro deliver previously hidden insights that allow you to make driver-centric design decisions.


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How it works

Eye tracking captures gaze data which feeds a deeper understanding of how drivers interact with the car. Using eye tracking in your research enables more insight into how your design is received in real-time, as well as how you can improve the driving area to be safe and comfortable. With eye tracking you can:

  • Get real-time view of what the driver sees
  • Recognize distracting interface design features
  • Enhance driving enjoyment and safety
  • Reimagine design concepts

“This technology will help us humanize the interfaces, improving the user experience. With it we’ll certainly go a step further in the quality of the infotainment console of the future.”

Rubén Martínez, Head of SEAT’s Smart Quality department
Driver experience - Driving a car

Our solutions

Tobii Pro provides a range of eye tracking solutions to boost your automotive design to the next level. We also offer our research services if you need guidance throughout your project.

Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Do it yourself

Wearable eye trackers

Tobii Pro Glasses 3, allows you to capture the visual behavior of drivers behind the wheel. The wide-angle scene camera combined with our eye tracking technology captures exactly what the driver sees without disturbing their natural behavior.

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Tobii Pro Insight

Our global service team has extensive knowledge and expertise in using eye tracking for research. We can run full-scale studies, help you get started, or simply support you wherever you need it.

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Your study


Record and follow the gaze of the driver in real world settings, making note of focal points, distractions, and recurring patterns.


See how your infotainment system performs in action. Find out how easy it is to use and how it can be optimized to maintain focus on the act of driving.


Use our top of the range software to turn the eye tracking data into real insights. Understand your driver on a deeper level and use this behavior to make better design decisions.

Customer stories

A man driving a car while wearable Tobii Pro Glasses 3 wearable eye trackers

Case study

SEAT and infotainment design

SEAT wanted to optimize their infotainment system making it safer and easier to navigate. Their eye tracking study helped them understand driver awareness with greater sensitivity, enabling fresh design decisions.

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