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Understand how users engage with your products or services on a deeper level through eye tracking research. See if your designs work as intended and identify areas for improvement by observing user interaction and visual attention from their perspective.

How eye tracking enhances UX testing

How eye tracking enhances user experience research



Businesses can’t afford to fall short when it comes to user experience. Leaving consumers frustrated, confused, or disappointed will send them straight into the arms of your competitors. Traditional user testing methods and performance measurements might indicate that there's an issue or barrier for the user, but they don’t explain the ‘why’ or reveal how to fix the problem – while eye tracking does. It lets you to tap into subconscious actions and unarticulated thoughts, allowing you to uncover more about how your design performs.

Your options for using eye tracking



Do it yourself 

Select the eye tracking solution that suits your needs and incorporate it into your own UX research. Depending on what you would like to achieve, we offer different setups: 

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Observe user experience

Explore customer behavior and understand how it influences decisions.

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Optimize user experience

Understand interaction in detail to optimize usability and conversions.

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Let us do it for you

Tobii Pro Insight, our research consultancy, can run personalized studies for you from beginning to end. Get fast and accurate answers to questions you have about user experience with your specific product or design.

Our research consultancy 

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Tobii Pro and NASA webinar

NASA Langley researchers discuss their eye tracking study

Tobii Pro is honored to host a webinar with scientists from the NASA Langley Research Center, who will discuss how they use eye tracking to measure the performance of commercial aviation pilots.

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"We use a range of tools… and now eye tracking is a huge complement to these. It answers a lot of questions which come up from the other testing methods and even highlights some questions we weren’t aware of. " 

UX Lead at Avanza
An online Swedish bank 

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"Since we integrated eye tracking into our method mix, we have become much more accurate and efficient in illustrating user experiences and proving usability problems." 

Tim Bosenick
CEO, GfK SirValUse Consulting 

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"Tobii Pro Sprint is an essential part of H&M's comprehensive, qualitative testing practices. Sharing the objective insights in session recordings allows us to quickly convince team members and stakeholders of needed design decisions that have previously been challenging to prove." 

Liang Hiah
UX Lead, H&M




Munich Airport Wayfinding Study

Munich Airport wanted to optimize wayfinding within its terminals to improve passenger experience and create an even distribution of business across all shops and restaurants. Eye tracking was used to examine signage along several key routes to answer questions about visitor engagement that data on footfall could not.

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