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Understand the shopper journey in more detail so you can give customers the experience they want. Eye tracking provides unique insights into how consumer engage with your store and products, helping you make changes to increase spend and satisfaction.

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See the shopping experience from your customer’s perspective  

The cognitive processes behind consumer behavior are wide and varied and often occur on a subconscious level, so shoppers themselves aren’t always aware of what motivates their buying decisions. Eye tracking reveals these behaviors and allows brands, retailers, and marketing researchers to get a deeper understanding of consumer actions.  

By viewing the shopping experience through your customers’ eyes, you can see what drives their decisions and profile shoppers based on individual behaviors or differences between categories using eye tracking and event logging. 

Use eye tracking to learn:

  • How shoppers navigate or browse the aisles of a store  
  • What attracts attention at the point of purchase 
  • What visual elements shoppers refer to at various stages of the decision process 
  • Which visual elements are ignored 
  • Which competitors are considered during decision making
  • How shoppers interact with products on the shelf 
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“During shop-along studies, we used to watch consumers over their shoulders, but with eye tracking we can study their journey in a much more unobtrusive way.”

Florian Reinhard, Senior Research Manager at GIM Research

The solution for your needs

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Tobii Pro Glasses 3

Our wearable eye tracking glasses let you to see how customers behave in a real-world retail setting. Tobii Pro Glasses 3 allows you to capture natural and unbiased shopping behavior and visual attention in a store environment.   

Shopper Research with Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Eye Tracker and Live View Function

The Tobii Pro Glasses Controller

The Tobii Pro Glasses Controller comes included with Pro Glasses and allows you to wirelessly view gaze data from your mobile, laptop, or tablet as well as stop and start recordings. This means you can log behavior in real-time and review it later for further examination such as during retrospective think-aloud interviews where you seek to qualify assumptions from the recordings.

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Training and knowledge

We want to make sure you can hit the ground running which is why we provide online training with our own experts from Tobii Pro Insight, our research consultancy team. You will receive field guides to help you correctly set up your studies and integrate them into your existing research methods as well as report templates to help expedite the analysis of your findings and present them in a concise manner. We also have global customer support services and learning material to assist you throughout your research journey.  

Want to take it one step further?

If you want to take eye tracking further and get more in-depth data, look at our solution to help you optimize shopper conversion. 

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Let us do it for you

If you don’t have the time or resources to run your own study, our research consultancy can help. Tobii Pro Insight is a full-service consultancy and can run projects for you from beginning to end. This includes study design and execution, as well as data analysis and reporting. 

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