Insight Research Services

Elevate your consumer and user research with implicit visual behavior studies, designed and executed by Tobii Pro’s eye tracking experts.

Research services

Spotlight on Insight

Our Insight team has performed hundreds of projects worldwide, consistently delivering compelling results with actionable value. Our body of work speak for itself

  • Successful research conducted in 33 countries across all continents
  • Over 5000 participants tested annually in our studies
  • World class study design, data collection, coding, analysis, and reporting
  • Ample experience with every type of eye tracker, in every testing scenario
  • Clients include industry-leading brands and research agencies
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Eye tracking for catalog improvement

Oriflame collaborated with Tobii Pro Insight Research Services on an eye tracking study to quantify and analyze how customers view their catalogue. Read more

Eye tracking research by the pros

The ability to see the world through the eyes of your customer is incredibly powerful. That's why eye tracking has become a core methodology for studying visual experience in a variety of different consumer research areas. Tobii Pro Insight offers all the benefits of cutting-edge implicit visual behavior analysis without the time, knowledge, and resource commitments of developing in-house capabilities. To put it simply, Tobii Pro Insight is your eye tracking research team.


Onsite Installation and Initial Training

A one-day onsite installation of your eye tracking system. Provides a basic understanding of the hardware, the software, and how to operate the complete system. Read more

Online Initial Training

A two-hour virtual interactive session that will help you to install and learn how to operate your eye tracking system. Provides a basic understanding of the hardware, the software, and how to use the system. Read more


One- or two-day preplanned courses held regularly in strategic locations around the world. Topics range from basic eye tracking hardware and software usage to how eye tracking can be used as a method in specific research fields. Read more


MATLAB Programming

Programming consulting services to help you review or develop MATLAB scripts, or porting existing code in their development projects. Read more

Lab Setup and Method Development

Consulting services to help you set-up your eye tracking lab, develop methods and perform studies. Provides a cost-efficient way to maximize the impact and profitability of your eye tracking research. Read more