Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer

Software for post-analysis and visualization of data from Tobii Pro Glasses 2. Tailored to satisfy the needs of wearable eye tracking research, including automated Real-World Mapping, aggregation, analysis, and visualization of data.


Powerful tools for post-analysis and visualization

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer is dedicated software for analysis and visualization of eye tracking data from Tobii Pro Glasses 2.

Replay eye tracking videos, aggregate data, visualize the results, and calculate statistics. Intuitive workflow and efficient workflow reduce time and research project cost.

Automated Real-World Mapping

A new integrated Real-World Mapping tool dramatically reduces the time needed to analyze data recorded with Pro Glasses 2.

This tool intelligently aggregates and maps data from eye tracking videos onto snapshots. For example, researchers performing shopper insight studies can automatically aggregate data from multiple participants to a photo of a supermarket shelf. Once the mapping is applied, you can immediately start visualizing the quantified data or begin extracting statistics.

In a typical research scenario, Real-World Mapping takes less than five minutes to code a one-minute clip (compared to up to an hour when using manual coding for the same length clip).

The gyroscope and accelerometer built into Pro Glasses 2 ensure accurate results during head movements. A confidence graph indicates the algorithm's ability to map gaze points accurately. You have the option to override automatically-mapped points, using manual coding. 


Replay eye tracking videos 

Replay of eye tracking videos with subjects’ gaze point superimposed on the recorded scene camera video and logging of events along the timeline provides a tool for qualitative analysis.

Events can be searched for and exported together with other data collected during a recording.

Code Human Behaviors

Behavioral coding is a powerful method to observe and analyze human behaviors. The Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer software now offers a full set of tools and features to help simplify and streamline this process. Researchers can use events to mark and code user behaviors relevant to the study and apply the Event Count metric to measure the occurrences of instantaneous behaviors other than gaze. In addition, the Time of Interest feature allows researchers to measure the length and duration of coded behaviors. This data, combined with the gaze data, helps to create advanced metrics in order to get in-depth insights into human behavior in various kinds of research.

Analyzer UI

Segment data

The Time of Interest feature allows you to accurately and efficiently slice your data into smaller portions so you can focus your analysis on the most important parts. Define start and end events or search for previously logged events in the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer or Controller software in order to easily find the parts of interest and reduce the time needed for analysis.

A Tobii Pro Analyzer software screenshot.
A Tobii Pro Analyzer software screenshot.

Create visualizations 

Graphical visualizations, overlaying snapshot images with heat maps or gaze plots, illustrate subjects’ viewing patterns and provide a powerful tool for qualitative analysis and presentation of results.

Analyze statistics

Calculation of eye tracking metrics, based on AOIs defined in your snapshot images. Export of metrics, raw or filtered data for flexible analysis and presentation in third-party data processing and analysis software, such as such SPSS, Matlab, and Excel. 

A Tobii Pro Analyzer software screenshot.

"I see Tobii Pro Glasses 2 as a huge step towards fast and reliable in-store attention testing with similar possibilities that Tobii X series gives in the lab environment."

Dr. Poja Shams, Service Research Center, Karlstad University


Download Tobii Pro Analyzer


Here you can download Tobii Pro Analyzer. The download is free for 30 days, to give all Tobii Pro Glasses 2 customers an opportunity to test drive some of the key features of our wearable eye tracking analysis software. 

The Trial version is the latest version, if you create or open projects in this version you will not be able to use these projects in older versions of the Tobii Pro Analyzer.


System Requirements

Software system requirements

For optimal Tobii Pro eye tracking hardware and software performance, Tobii Pro recommends using computers that meet certain specifications.

Tobii Pro Analyzer has the following minimum system requirements: 

  • Windows 7 or later
  • 64-bit Windows
  • 1280×768 px screen resolution
  • 2nd Gen Dual Core Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • Integrated Graphics Card
  • 256GB 7200RPM Hard Drive 3.2

Recommended system configuration:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • 64-bit Windows
  • 1920×1080 px screen resolution
  • 4th Gen Quad Core Intel Core i7 3.0 GHz or higher
  • 8GB RAM
  • Dedicated Graphics Card
  • 256GB SSD Hard Drive


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