Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Premium

Tobii Pro Glasses 2 package for the full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research. In addition to qualitative live viewing tools, this package also includes tools for comprehensive post-analysis: you can aggregate data, create visualizations, and calculate statistics.


Complete with all you need for your qualitative and quantitative research

In addition to hardware and software for conducting qualitative live-viewing studies in the field, the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 premium package contains software tools for comprehensive post-analysis. You can easily aggregate data for visualization and quantitative analysis.

It includes the following hardware, software and services:

  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with WLAN functionality, 50 or 100 Hz
  • Dell tablet
  • Tobii Pro Glasses Controller
  • Tobii Pro Lab, Analyzer edition
  • Online Initial Training

More information

For further detail about this package, please refer to the Tobii Pro Glasses product description or contact sales.