Tobii Pro Events

Here you will find all the upcoming events in which Tobii Pro participates or hosts

Upcoming events

23 Oct
NordiCHI 2016 Conference

Do not miss Tobii Pro VR Tutorial that we will run in conjunction with NordiCHI!

24 Oct
Eye tracking research toolbox Course Eye tracking Screen Based Eye Trackers Wearable Eye Trackers User Experience Market research Cognitive psychology

This workshop is taught by leading experts in eye tracking research. It was designed to provide you with practical tools and tips to run better eye tracking studies.

26 Oct
Research & Results Trade show

Research & Result 2016, one the largest trade show within consumer insight, market research and research tools.

26 Oct
Introduction to eye tracking research Webinar Wearable Eye Trackers Screen Based Eye Trackers Tobii Pro Studio

In this webinar we will give an introduction to eye tracking as a research method, Tobii Pro eye trackers, and Tobii Studio.

26 Oct
SRCD Special Topic Meeting 2016 Conference

Come by Tobii Pro booth to meet eye tracking specialists.

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