Real World Mapping

Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Increased workflow efficiency

A new integrated Real-World Mapping tool dramatically reduces the time needed to analyze data recorded with Pro Glasses 2.

This tool intelligently aggregates and maps data from eye tracking videos onto snapshots (static images). For example, researchers performing shopper insight studies can automatically aggregate data from multiple participants to a photo of a supermarket shelf. Once the mapping is applied, you can immediately start visualizing the quantified data or begin extracting statistics.

In a typical research scenario, Real-World Mapping takes less than five minutes to code a one-minute clip (compared to up to an hour when using manual coding for the same length clip).

The gyroscope and accelerometer built into Pro Glasses 2 ensure accurate results during head movements. A confidence graph indicates the algorithm's ability to map gaze points accurately. You have the option to override automatically-mapped points, using manual coding. 

For a walkthrough of the tool please watch the following video:

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