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  • My Tobii Pro Glasses 2 keep on buffering

    Watch this video to learn how to improve the connectivity of your Tobii Pro Glasses 2 and avoid buffering in the Controller.

    FAQ Tobii Pro Glasses 2
  • I cannot use Tobii Pro Studio in the company network due to security issues, what can we do?

    Symptoms may be: eye tracker is not found, connection to eye tracker is unstable, web recordings do not start, Studio crashes and many more

    FAQ Tobii Pro Studio
  • How does blinking affect eye tracking?

    Blinking is most often an involuntary act of shutting and opening the eyelid. In this page we will look at the consequences of blinking on your eye tracking data. 

  • Error message: User camera accessed by another application
    • When you get this error message in Tobii Pro Studio it is very likely that you have selected the same camera as a source for User Camera and Scene Camera.
    • It can also be other installed software tries to access the camera. Uninstall video software that are not necessary or end processes running in the background using the Windows taks manager.
    FAQ Tobii Pro Studio
  • Digging Into Areas of Interest

    Learn more and get some tips on how to use the Area of Interest tool in Tobii Pro Studio and Tobii Pro Lab.

    Tobii Pro Studio Tobii Pro Lab
  • Setting up Tobii Pro Studio for the mobile device stand

    Learn how to configure and setup Tobii Pro Studio correctly for the Tobii Mobile Device Stand. 

    Tobii Pro Studio Mobile Device Stand
  • What is the WLAN signal range of the Tobii Pro Glasses 2?

    The exact WLAN range of the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 depends on the hardware you use and in which environment you are using it.

    FAQ Tobii Pro Glasses 2
  • Can I use the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 outdoors?

    The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 system is primarily designed for use in dry indoor environments. Depending on the level of sunlight Glasses 2 will function in outdoor environments as well. Make sure that the Glasses are not exposed to direct sunlight since that might affect eye tracking results negatively. Further make sure that the Glasses are protected from water or moisture since that might harm the unit. For more info please read chapter 1.1.11 of the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Manual.

    FAQ Tobii Pro Glasses 2
  • Can I use a standardized HDMI cable?

    In theory you can use a standard HMDI cable to connect the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Head Unit with the Recording Unit. However the original cable provided by Tobii is made very flexible and unobtrusive to make sure the participant can move freely. 

    FAQ Tobii Pro Glasses 2
  • How can I if tell my eye tracker is working properly?

    Does my eye tracker work fine?