Tobii Pro SDK Beta

Welcome to this Tobii Pro SDK Beta page! Here you can download the beta version of our new Tobii Pro SDK free of charge.

What is new?

The Pro SDK is a new software development kit for researchers who wish to develop niche applications or scripts for analysis purpose to use with screen-based eye trackers from Tobii.

Currently in a beta stage, the first official release will be made available for researchers in the first quarter of 2017 and free of charge. It will eventually replace our current Tobii Pro Analytics SDK.

The new Pro SDK will offer a broad set of tools to make it simple to develop a variety of applications across multiple platforms, using a wide range of programming languages. This SDK will give researchers access to the full set of advanced eye movement data streams relevant to their research, such as 3-D eye coordinates, raw data, pupil data, and more.

Researchers who wish to develop analysis applications to use with Tobii consumer eye trackers have the possibility to buy a Tobii Pro Upgrade Key that makes the consumer eye tracker compatible with the Pro SDK. This upgrade key is injected as part of the procedure to connect to the eye tracker, opening up advanced data streams for the specific eye tracker unit.


The following Tobii Pro eye trackers are compatible with the new SDK by default


The following Tobii interaction eye trackers require a Tobii Pro Upgrade Key

Available language bindings